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Since 1974, HRDI has expanded its service matrix to address some of life's most challenging behavioral health and human service issues.  By clicking on the appropriate tab you will undoubtedly find a service to address you or a loved one's need in the areas of addiction treatment; youth prevention; family services; community health; case management; mental health and disabilities; alternative youth education; HIV/AIDS prevention and education; and gambling prevention and education.



HRDI’s Intellectual Disability Programs consist of 13 licensed and certified community-based group homes with the capacity to serve 39 adults with intellectual  disabilities. Each home provides 24-hour supervision, care, and guidance in daily living, and also links with community partners to meet clients comprehensive needs.

4111 Wall St. Montgomery, Alabama 36106








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Recovery and Treatment Programs   click to open

The HRDI Division for Recovery and Treatment focuses on improving the quality of life for each individual it treats through self-sufficiency and substance-free living. Programs offered through this division have customized residential and outpatient treatment services for men and women, youth, single mothers, and individuals with HIV/AIDS. Women and children receive community-based personalized and comprehensive treatment, including early screening and identification of infant/ child behavioral and developmental issues, and assessment and treatment-planning interventions. In accordance with our mission of addressing mental illness, HRDI provides treatment for clients with dual diagnosis. The clients’ disorders are treated simultaneously as part of the same program, efficiently integrating mental health and substance abuse treatment, eliminating fragmentation of client services, and reducing gaps that negate treatment effectiveness. Selected HRDI programs are licensed by the Illinois Department of Alcohol and Substance Abuse, and accredited by COA and CARF. All DASA programs accept referrals from service providers, as well as those who wish to refer themselves or a loved one. The following are programs offered through this division:


Near West

Near West Professional Services is a residential facility for adult males referred from the criminal courts and other sources who are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. (level lll.5)

2207 W. 18th Street Chicago, IL 60608

(312) 226-9689





Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubmanis a 24-hour, supervised residential facility for pregnant and non-pregnant adult women addicted to alcohol and other drugs and their dependent children between the ages of 0-4 years.

(level lll.5)

11352 S. State Street Chicago, IL 60628

(773) 785-4955







340 E. 51st Street Chicago, IL 60653

(773) 966-0333




8000 S. Racine Ave. Chicago, IL 60620

(773) 966-0255


Child and Adolescent   click to open

Child & Adolescent Outpatient Mental Health

Provides individual, group, and family therapy for children and adolescents aged 3 - 17 dealing with mental health issues, striving to increase positive adaptation and address emotional/behavioral problems.

340 E. 51st Street Chicago, IL  60615



FIRST.IL is a comprehensive treatment program for individuals who have had a first episode of a psychotic illness. The

program provides a specialized treatment approach that helps individuals who are between the ages of 14 to 40 and who have

had a treated or untreated psychotic illness.

340 E. 51st Street Chicago, IL  60615



Community Health and Prevention   click to open


The HRDI Division for Community Health and Prevention strives to build a successful working collaboration with individuals and community partners, utilizing the shared objectives of promoting wellness and improving the health status of community residents. An element of the HRDI philosophy is that, in order to ensure the wellness of individuals, the agency must promote healthy lifestyles in the communities where individuals reside.











Family Case Management South

Medical case management and psychosocial services to pregnant women and their children -- up until one year of age -- from Far South Side communities that have high incidences of infant mortality.

8151 S. Western Ave. Chicago, IL 60620






Youth Prevention/Teen Reach

Outreach program promoting academic excellence, social skills, and substance abuse prevention in youth (grades six to eight). Focuses on prevention of tobacco use, gang involvement, and violence; conflict resolution and peer leadership training; community health forums; cultural activities; and life skills education. The program also offers an annual drug prevention and leadership training summer camp.

33 E. 114th Street Chicago, IL 60628






Housing Opportunity for Persons with AIDS

A referral and linkage program for individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS who are residing in the South Suburbs or South Side of Chicago. Clients are referred to a variety of housing programs based on assessment of need, availability, and income.

8151 S. Western Street Chicago, IL 60620




Mental Health   click to open

HRDI’s Division for Mental Health provides the highest quality of humanistic care to individuals with mental illness or emotional instability. The services and care offered by this very first division of HRDI are geared toward the improvement of clients’ quality of life by promoting programs that focus first and foremost on the development of a sense of self and well-being, the ability to relate with other people in their social network, coping skills, self-actualization, and decision-making. Once the sense of self has been mastered, clients are then empowered with the support and skills they need to ultimately live independently and harmoniously in their own communities.


Office Of Mental Health Central Office

Many outpatient and supportive programs for individuals with mental illness are based in the 114th St. facility.

33 E. 114th Street

Chicago, IL 60628

(773) 660-4630


Community Support Team (CST):

The CST program is a team of at least six mental health professionals who together provides services and supports to adult consumers and their families with the goal of decreasing hospitalizations, crisis episodes and increasing community functioning.

33 E. 114th Street, Chicago, IL. 60628



Community Support Residential (CSR):

Services and supports for adults who live within our residential programs necessary to assist a client to achieve and maintain rehabilitative, resiliency and recovery goals. Services are primarily provided within the residential program or at the main location of the division of mental health.

33 E. 114th Street, Chicago, IL. 60628



City of Chicago Psychiatric Services (COC):

For unfunded adults within the city of Chicago, HRDI is able to provide psychiatric evaluations a no cost to participants. Consumers are eligible to receive mental health assessments, case management services, psychiatric evaluations, medication administration and monitoring. Consumers

are able to receive psychotropic medication at no cost.

33 E. 114th Street, Chicago, IL. 60628


Shelter Plus Care

Provides rental assistance and offers other supportive services for homeless individuals in need of mental health/substance abuse treatment. Read Chicago Homeless Management Information System Standard Privacy Posting.

33 E. 114th Street Chicago, IL 60628



Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services (PSR)

PSR is a facility-based rehabilitative skill-building services for individuals 18 years of age and older with serious mental illness or co-occurring psychiatric disabilities and addictions. The focus of treatment interventions includes skill building to facilitate independent living and adaptation, problem solving and coping skills development.

33 E. 114th Street, Chicago, IL. 60628






Adult Mental Health (AMH):

The AMH program offers outpatient and home based therapeutic services for adults and families. AMH consumers are able to attend clinical groups, obtain individual and family therapy and receive psychiatric medication services from a certified psychiatrist.

200 East 115th Street, IL. 60628



Acute Community Services (ACS)

ACS staff provide activities or services to residents who live within the geographic area of Region 1 South. These residents have been seen or discharged from a psychiatric hospital or a temporary residential setting and have been referred to ACS for intense, outpatient and community based therapeutic programming. Services include assessments, individual and family therapy, psychotropic medication administration and outpatient groups. Services are primarily provided in the community.

1749 E 75th Street, Chicago, IL. 60649

(773) 363-1110


Williams Consent Decree

Williams Consent Decree (WCD) Assertive Community Treatment For residents who have been identified to be eligible for the Williams Consent Decree, HRDI provides ACT services. See description above for ACT services.

1749 E 75th Street, Chicago, IL. 60649

(773) 363-1110





Williams Recovery and Recreational (Drop In) Center

HRDI has developed a Recovery Drop-In Center at a south side location where individuals who have experienced mental illnesses create and operate an environment of support, socialization, self-direction and empowerment.

1757 E. 75th Street, Chicago, IL. 60649

( 773)363-1132




Assertive Community Treatment (ACT):

An evidence-based model of treatment/services that provides an inclusive array of community-based mental health and supportive services for adults (18 years of age and older) with serious and persistent mental illness or co-occurring mental health and medical or alcohol/substance abuse disorders. Services are primarily provided in the community 75% of the time

1149 W. 79th Street Chicago, IL.  60620





Christopher House offers 24-hour supervised residential living for adult males who have an  extensive history of psychiatric hospitalization and difficulty avoiding re-hospitalization.

11316 S. King Drive Chicago, IL 60628

(773) 785-1648




10901 HOUSE

This residential program offers an array of individualized support services to eight adult males with psychiatric illness while they reside in a stable apartment setting.

10901 S. Edbrooke Chicago, IL 60628

(773) 995-1908





A HUD-funded program that provides supportive housing and mental health services to 16 women over the age of 18 who have been classified as homeless immediately prior to admission. Women referred  to this program can be unfunded (without insurance).

(773) 651-2720