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The Office of Performance and Quality Improvement collected and analyzed satisfaction data from consumers receiving both residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment services within HRDI’s Alcohol, Substance Abuse and Corrective Services Division. This review and analysis was for the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2012..



Overall satisfaction with HRDI services ranked high among consumers. 90% of consumers surveyed reported feeling overall satisfied with the services provided; 93% reported that their condition had improved as a result of services received; 96% agreed that services improved the quality of their life; and 89% agreed that they would recommend HRDI services to friends and family.


Within the domain of safety, 96% of consumers surveyed agreed that HRDI facilities are safe for treatment.


Consumers agreed that the staff at HRDI are highly professional and respectful: 91% reported that HRDI treated them with respect; and 93%) agreed that staff was sensitive to their cultural background.


Lastly, the consumer satisfaction survey examined access to care wherein 94% of consumers agreed that they had access to the medical care when needed.


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